Past Projects

(some examples)

  • FastText (blog entries): Provided C-style API in Windows dynamic libraries, and a managed wrapper for C#. Used in a web-based chatbot product on ASP.NET and SignalR.
  • chakracore-delphi (blog entries): Delphi and Free Pascal bindings and classes for Microsoft’s ChakraCore Javascript engine library
  • TThreadPool (blog entries): Delphi class encapsulating the Windows I/O completion port for best performance with asynchronous I/O (files, sockets), using anonymous methods for easier asynchronous programming, ScaleMM2 for lock-free multi-threaded memory management
  • Delphi and Free Pascal bindings and wrapper classes for the LZ4 compression library, cross-platform for Windows, OS X and Linux, 32 and 64-bit, conditionally linking with dynamic libraries or with static object files for all platforms
  • Compression/decompression tool for huge files, using non-buffered asynchronous file I/O with IOCP, supporting LZ4, 7zip and Microsoft Compression API
  • Maintenance and development work on a distributed back-end infrastructure based on .NET secure async socket server and MSMQ, proof-of-concept reimplementation using WCF
  • SQL Server bulk data loader (blog entry)
  • SQL Server analyzer, crawling multiple servers (resolving linked server references), producing AST of stored procedures, views, etc. to provide information about metadata dependencies and possible data flows
  • File synchronization tool using Microsoft’s Remote Differential Compression API
  • JSON tools: viewer with functions to preview/export JSON structures as trees, datasets, pictures, PDF, JSON Schema generator for .NET service endpoints
  • Delphi bindings and helper routines for Microsoft’s Windows Portable Device API
  • TLS handshake and service authentication diagnostic tool using Microsoft’s SChannel SSPI
  • PDF Unicode text search/replace library for Delphi, written from scratch based on Adobe’s specification
  • A rewrite of httpsrvr.dll for performance and feature enhancements (module updates without interrupting client connections, compression, encryption, request batching, administration/monitoring web interface)
  • Performance counter libraries for DataSnap servers (blog entry)
  • A port of server Datasnap framework to ASP.NET (interoperable with Delphi and .NET clients)
  • delphisvn (blog entries): Subversion bindings and IDE integration code for Delphi, predecessor of Embarcadero’s Version Insight
  • A few small contributions to VirtualTreeView